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S.B. Thomas Construction, LLC was founded in October of 2012 and after a year of planning, we started our first project in November of 2013. We have been fortunate to work on some very unique projects in Houston and Dallas.


We have worked with Owners, Developers, Contractors, and Design Teams to grow our resume. We are a small firm with dedicated employees that are focused on creating value for our clients, crafting a business that stands behind what we build, and building long-term relationships.


We have served clients in the commercial, liturgical, multifamily, and entertainment markets, but are always excited to build relationships in other market sectors.



The level of care that we offer to the projects and project Owners is not dependent upon the revenue generated by the firm but instead is a cultural ideal built within our company.


INTEGRITY – We must communicate with knowledge and honesty to develop trust. We must stand behind what we say and what we build to cultivate the relationships we are forming. We must respect and remain fair in our dealings with all of our team members. Our INTERGITY is what will be remembered by the Project Teams and Owners when we complete our projects.


COMMITMENT – We must take ownership and be leaders of the projects in which we are involved. We must be loyal and develop actions that build confidence in our work. Our COMMITMENT to the projects, the project Owners, the Design Professionals, and the Subcontracting community that we team with must be visible every day.


RESULTS – We must deliver on the promises that make. We must grow a team that feels empowered to do more than is expected. When we foster a motivated team of professionals we will deliver the RESULTS that Owners deserve.



Steve thomas

Steve Thomas, the firm’s founder, started in the industry as a laborer for his father’s company 30 years ago, he worked at a Texas Top 400 Architectural and Engineering firm through his college career, and he worked for the fifth largest general contractor in the City of Houston. He has a diverse background that spans working with his hands in field operations, design and engineering services, and construction operation and management.


He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit with a goal to follow in the family tradition and start his own firm. In the first quarter of 2012 he decided that he had reached the point in his career where he had the resources to start a construction firm of his own. He has taken the lessons, skills, and level of care that he learned working in the Class A construction market to the smaller and medium sized owners. 


Jennifer longstreet
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Jennifer Longstreet is a Partner and is the Office Manager for S.B. Thomas Construction and she has over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. She manages all administrative responsibilities for the firm and is an integral facet in marketing, business development, and client relations for the firm. Jennifer has been married to her husband Matt for 11 years and they have two sons.


With Jennifer's positive outlook and upbeat character she's always been a leader amongst her peers. Her goals are to maintain customer satisfaction while delivering quality projects and building positive relationships with our clients, design team members, and subcontractors. Jennifer is committed to the company’s growth and her mission is to create and maintain a positive overall culture for the firm and reinforce the commitment to "giving back" to the communities and markets that we work in.

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