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From the birth of this company, safety has been at the forefront of each and every project we work on. We believe that we have an inherent responsibility to maintain a safe project site for the persons we employ and for the benefit of the projects Owners. 


We employ a full-time Safety Manager that is present on all projects. He conducts safety orientations with all subcontractors contributing to each project, as well as conducts safety audits. We provide all our supervisory personnel the opportunity to complete the OSHA 30 safety course. We have initiated continual training for all employees, included below is a small sample of our current training efforts: 

  • OSHA 10 hour for all employees 

  • First Aid and CPR 

  • Fall Protection 

  • Ladder and Scaffold 


Additionally, we rely on an outsourced consultant to facilitate ongoing training and compliance efforts. 


As a company committed to safely producing results, we benefit tremendously from a low Workers Compensation Modifier Rate, our current EMR is .94. 

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